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Written on: Tuesday September 8th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

August 29th - 30th

The cycling on Carr del Litoral, the biggest road in El Salvador after the Interamericana, turned out to be beautiful. There were views of volcanoes, rivers and mountains. However, 5 km from the town we planned to stay in we were caught in a heavy thunderstorm. It wasn´t exactly the first time we have been soaked while cycling but this time the storm and the lightning was right on top of us....  It delayed our arrival into town until after dark.

The town wasn't exactly anything to write home about, but we found a hotel that seemed allright almost right away. It was however quite dirty and they rented rooms by the hour. It was nevetheless an improvement from the previous night. 

The culinary choice of the evening was between Pollo Campero and Pollo Campestre -two of the most popular chicken fastfood chains in Central America. Fortunately one of them made a fairly nice salad and the other one had pizza.

The next day we didn´t leave until late because it was so hot. We had a leisurely breakfast at Pollo Campestre and then an icecream at one of the icecream shops. When we ordered the icecream the guy who worked there somehow worked out that we weren´t  El Salvadorian and started speaking to us in perfect American English. Just like so many other El Salvadorians he had lived and worked in the US for quite some time. He told us that quite a big part of the country´s economy was driven by the money sent from El Salvadorians in the US to family back home. In his opinion the money was wasted on expensive luxuries like flashy cars and widescreen TVs, instead of long term investments and more sustainable living. Looking at the state of peoples houses and the streets there might be some truth to it....   

While enjoying our ice creams we wondered how people could endure the noise, traffic, heat and general chaos in the average El Salvadorian city. Again, we were pleased to leave.

Km cycled = 40

Total km = 661