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Written on: Tuesday September 8th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

August 28th - 29th

Once we finally pushed our bikes out of San Salvador the road opened up into a highway with a wide hard shoulder. We were relieved. It was all downhill and we cycled 27.3 km to the town of Olocuilta, which looked quite nice. The next town was too far to reach before dark so we had to stay there. It proved very difficult to find a hotel, but eventually we managed to find one. What it lacked in charm it made up for in dirtiness. Fortunately we managed to keep our spirits up by cooking a nice meal and have some strawberries for dessert that we had bought in the market in San Salvador. We looked forward to leaving the next day.

The next day we had a look around in town, bought some fruits in the market and had some lunch at one of the sixty odd identical pupuserias (this one called Vicky!). Pupusas are popular street side food, made out of corn bread often filled with cheese and beans and then fried. They are delicious.

Total km = 621