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Tobacco Caye

Written on: Sunday July 19th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

July 14th - 19th

Tobacco Caye is another beautiful Caribbean island, only five acres in size. People come here for the snorkelling, diving and relaxing which is exactly what we did, except for the diving. We got the tip about this place from Yasmin's cousin Riki and his girlfriend Sandra who had been here a couple of years ago.

The reef is right next to the island so it was perfect for snorkelling. We managed to go several times a day! We spotted a giant hermit crab, a school of 25 or more Jacks (not sure which) 4-5 foot long, squid, stingrays and loads of tropical fish. Andy also spotted some Spotted Eagle Rays, which were very graceful - and one was very large with a 6 foot wingspan.

We stayed at The Reef End Lodge which had a perfect location just by the water. We had a really good view and once we could even see a stingray from the comfort of our hammock on the balcony. The food was included in the price, so the only thng we had to do every day was to walk the 15 meters to the restaurant three times a day.... We got to know some of the nice people working there -Amber, Raquel and Kirk to name a few. 

On the first night we met a Frenchman called Matthieu, who worked in the French film industry. He even works with the genius French director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (City of Lost Children, Amelie etc.) !! He told us about his latest film, Micmacs, which we will have to go and see. 

Andy's birthday began with a surprise bottle of champagne and a present (the Wind in the Willows, which we read out loud later). We had a great day doing some snorkelling and playing backgammon drinking fresh coco-loco (coconut with rum in..). In the evening Amber and Raquel had prepared a birthday cake and an especially nice dinner.

We were sad to leave today, as we had such a great time. We are now in Dangriga again, about to set off cycling the Hummingbird Highway. Hopefully our legs will be all right after some time off...It will take us several days to get to the Guatemala border, it depends on how steep the hills are! After that we will head to Tikal, the great Maya city, and then continue on to Chiapas. 

By the way our phone has broken so we are not able to receive texts at the moment, but we hope to replace it in the next few days.


From matthieu on Jul 20th, 2009

Hi how are you? I read your diary, wahou it s very great! I wish you a travel with the sames goodwibes. if you want to see pictures about mimacs :http://mdubois.com.free.fr It s my site of pictures. I write to you later. Matthieu

From Jean and Barrie on Jul 21st, 2009

Happy Birthday Yasmin for the 22nd!! We hope you have a great day and enjoy your birthday. We send you lots of love.

From Jen, Aldus, Issy and Eva on Jul 21st, 2009

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Yasmin. hope you have a wonderful birthday.

From Dan on Jul 21st, 2009

Loved the Jungle tower. Ace. "We had used the last of the water 5km previously and were absolutely desperate for a drink" Muppets. Please carry more. x. Loved Walters magical treehouse painting. "Andy rides Toby, and Yasmin Shaun." Andy, you should have a word with this Shaun character and cut short your old habits while you're at it. Have you named your bikes yet? Did I miss something early on about swapping author every paragraph?: I (Yasmin) did my open water PADI course with Frenchie's diving...While Yasmin did her diving course I (Andy) got in some serious hammock time. No of course not - think Im wondering what might influence each thought. Great you're going to Chiapas- sounds amazing. Woody just got married, Zelda next week, Porter soon after. Jesus (traditional ceremony with some magic tricks involving booze and fish). Gil is 40 on Saturday and my sis 30 on Friday. Lord above (age not stated). Got some PhD funding- perhaps you know that. Nottingham Geography- Epidemiology - (Disease analysis) using that gizmo I made lately. C.Am. looks fantastic and it all makes me very happy. Keep it coming. Much love, D. ps HAPPY BIRTHDAY

From Granny and Grandpa on Jul 22nd, 2009

Happy birthday for Andy and Yasmin. With love.

From Yasmin on Jul 25th, 2009

Thanks so much everyone! I had a great birthday in a jungle lodge and will put the pictures up soon.

From Andy & Yasmin on Jul 25th, 2009

Cheers Dan for your comments and ramblings, nice to read. Glad that you are reading our blog. We will try to sort out the author for you, to make it easier to understand! Generally we write together anyway. Great that you liked Walters painting, his new website is www.waltercastilloart.com. We have asked him to paint a picture for us so we are excited about that. Great that you got the funding, sounds interesting. Lots of love from us!

From Andy & Yasmin on Jul 25th, 2009

Hi Matthieu, great to hear from you! We are good thanks, on our way to Guatemala. We will have a look on your website. Hope you are doing well and looking forward to hearing from you again.