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Belize City

Written on: Sunday July 19th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

July 12th - 13th

Arrived in Belize City into a tropical thunderstorm, sat with the homeless on the side of the road and wondered what to do with ourselves. The city looked really sad and gloomy (the rain didn't help), all the buildings were in a really bad state of repair.

We decided to check out the hostel nearby, but seemed overpriced so checked into the second best hotel in the city. It was called Chateau Carribean and had obviously once been a grand hotel with an imposing front and lobby. However, it was now quite run down but not as decrepit as the rest of the city. One thing it did have was a nice room with a TV, as well as room service. We spent most of the afternoon and evening watching television. 

The city had a good bike shop, so the next day we went there to get a few minor repairs done. We were now on our way to Dangriga from where we were going to catch the ferry to Tobacco Caye. We had decided to take the bus, as we were going to cycle the same way back on our way to Guatemala. 

After some careful consideration we decided that we want to go to Chiapas in Mexico, even though this means a long detour (to breath some Zapatist air, as our friend Jocke Medin would say). However, if we take the bus a part of the way (hopefully the uphill bit) it won't interfere too much with our time schedule. 

We do not yet know if we will be able to visit Honduras, but we will monitor the situation as it unfolds. We heard that some embassies have withdrawn the travel warnings and we know some people who are going, so doesn't seem too bad at the moment.