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San Pedro, Ambergris Caye

Written on: Thursday July 2nd, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

July 1st - 3rd

We entered Belize on the 1st of July and cycled 13.8 km to Corozal. We found that there was a boat going in the afternoon to San Pedro, from where we could catch another boat to Caye Caulker the next day. We decided that we fancied a night out and thought that San Pedro would be a good place for that. We were right, the night ended in Big Daddy's disco where there was a lot of "booty shakin' " and "gangsta stylin' " going on. Before that we had been to a party at Wet Willys on the pier. The next day we decided not to leave our beds until the afternoon..... We go to Caye Caulker tomorrow instead.  

Our initial impression of Belize is great. The people are very friendly, just like in Mexico, except here we can speak the language (even if our rastafari accent isn't so authentic). Even just across the border you can really feel the difference in the culture and people, compared to Mexico. There seem to be more different types of people. In Mexico it is mostly Mayan people (at least on the Yucatan peninsula) whearas here there are Creole, Garifuna, Latinos, Mayas and more. Belize is a former British colony and a member of the commonwealth so you can see the Queen on the banknotes.  

We are sure that we will have a great time here, even though we won't be cycling for a while....

Total km = 444.0


From Jenny on Jul 3rd, 2009

Well done for making it to Belize! Did you go swimming at shark ray alley on Ambergris? Don't forget to stand at the non-mosquito side of the bar near the Spit on Caye Caulker!! And can't wait to hear all about the diving. Are you going to dive the blue hole? It is lovely to read your blog. Wish we were there. Although we are off to Corwall. Not quite as exotic......Jen xx

From issy on Jul 3rd, 2009

I hope that Toby and Shaun have a nice rest by the sea. I like yasmin's pretty pink dress.

From Dad on Jul 3rd, 2009

Very pleased with your excellent travel documentary - must do one for my trips to Morrisons. Andy -trust you checked depth of water when you tombstoned into that cenote - unscrewing people from stagmites is a tricky business.

From Jean on Jul 3rd, 2009

Congratulations on reaching Belize! Hope you enjoy the diving - I'm sure you will. Lots of love to you both.

From Uncle peter on Jul 5th, 2009

Following your progress avidly and enviously.

From Libbet on Jul 8th, 2009

Your Mum gave me your website, so hola!!!! will be seing you in December here in Punta Arenas. It snowed today!!!! and you are enjoying hot weather. We have been to Cancún, Playa del Carmen and surroundings so could visualize places. Chao

From Yasmin on Jul 14th, 2009

Thanks Issy :) You know what? We stayed in a pink hut on the beach, I think you would have liked it!

From Andy on Jul 14th, 2009

Hi Jen, hope you had a great time in Cornwall. I went diving at sting ray alley near San Pedro, it was great. We went to the split bar, but I think we managed to avoid the worst of the mosquitos....

From Andy & Yasmin on Jul 19th, 2009

Hola Libbet, Great that you could check out our website, we look forward to seeing you in Punta Arenas in December.