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Los Limones

Written on: Thursday July 2nd, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

June 27th - 28th

After cycling 63.4 km (our longest yet) we finally arrived in Los Limones - but we wished we hadn't. It was a one street 'town' with a few small shops and some shacks. We looked around for a hotel but there were no signs anywhere. It was too late to consider going elsewhere and according to the map this was the biggest place for miles.

We asked around and were eventually directed to an old Mexican guy sitting on his porch. He said he had some rooms and we followed a guy on a bicycle down the street and around the corner until we arrived at the 'hotel'. It didn't look great, and it wasn't. However we had no choice and had to accept as we didn't fancy camping that night. It was right next to the only bar in town, which unfortunately was open all night and played extremely loud music continuosly for the benefit of the 3 drunk guys who seemed determined to last it out until the end. The loud music isn't exactly uncommon - it is not unusual to hear blasts of Mexican love songs seemingly coming from nowhere at all hours of the day. The music in the bar was lively Mexican folk, but just seemed to emphasie the lifelessness of the whole town.

In a place like this vegetarianism is unheard of, but the guy in the little shack restaurant did his best to come up with something and Yasmin managed to get some scrambled eggs with tomatoes. In general it's difficult to find vegetarian stuff and there is almost no effort to try to create anything that is not on a menu. Cheese quesadillas are ok for a while, but when asking for burritos or tacos it seems to be different words for exactly the same thing.

It was good to experience this type of place, since we wanted to see the typical life in a small town away from the influence of tourism. Of course there is a reason why there are no tourists here (except for ourselves)......

Total km = 342.3