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Jungle tower camp

Written on: Friday June 26th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

June 23rd - 24th

We met up with the fisherman with whom we had arranged a lift the previous day. He helped us load the bikes and panniers into his boat for the short trip to the other side of the lagoon. We hoped that he was taking us to the right place and not just going to drop us in the middle of nowhere. When we arrived at the other side he drew a rough map in the sand for us, directing us towards the next town, approximately 70km away through the national park. This corresponded with our map so we knew we were on the right track.

We planned to camp halfway in a watchtower that we had read about, so we planned to cycle 35 km that day. After a good porridge breakfast we set off. It was a beautiful ride with the lagoon and swamp on our side, which gave way to low canopy jungle. The dirt road was better than the previous one, and we were thankful for this. 

After 22.7 km we saw a 25 m tall watchtower rising high above the jungle. Although this wasnīt halfway we decided to camp on this tower since we couldnīt see another one in the distance. The tower was quite sturdy and approximately 8 ft square on top, with a roof made from palm thatch. It seemed ideal to camp on, even though there were no walls, just wooden struts, and it was very high up .......

The view from the top was fantastic, we could see the jungle extending for miles around. We watched parrots playing in the treetops and enjoyed a lovely pasta dinner accompanied with a bottle of red wine that we had brought with us from Punta Allen. As dusk drew in the noise from the jungle grew louder and louder, the birds seemed to all be calling each other and we could hear other animals that we couldnīt see. We watched a beautiful sunset from high above the jungle top, once it was fully dark we began to see lots of fireflies flashing brightly around in the jungle below. We didnīt sleep too well that night but it was worth it for the experience.    

 Total km = 231.1