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Punta Allen

Written on: Thursday June 25th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

June 21st - 23rd

We left our hotel and entered the national park. The road quickly deteriorated from smooth asphalt to very bumpy dirt road. Our speed was cut in half and it felt like tough going. However, the scenery was spectacular with the sea to our left and the lagoon to our right. We stopped at a lookout tower about 25m high and had a great view of the national park.

After a lunch of soup cooked on the beach we set off to Punta Allen. As we cycled along all we could hear was a constant and very loud rustling coming from the dense undergrowth next to the road. It was caused by hundreds and hundreds of blue crabs, up to about 30cm. This continued for km after km, never seeming to end. 4 gruelling, hot, bumpy hours later we finally arrived at our destination sweaty and exhausted.

 Punta Allen is a charming small fishing village and luckily we arrived on the final day of the annual fishing festival. There was a big party on the beach lasting for 3 days and the competition was for catching the largest fish. In the sea around there are big fish such as marlin. Unfortunately we were too tired to dance, but we had a couple of Modelo beers and watched the locals. It was a nice reward for such a hard day. The party went on long after we had gone to bed.

  The next day we arranged with a local fisherman to give us a lift across the lagoon the morning after. We had a relaxing day in the hammocks reading books, resting up for the journey ahead.

 Km = 44.4

Total km = 208.4