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Written on: Wednesday June 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

June 14th - 20th

From the turtle sanctury to Tulum was a short 24.4km cycle, along the main road. We were very pleased to arrive in Tulum as we had planned a few days stay here. Another puncture just when we arrived in Tulum centre delayed our arrival at the beach but we made it there at about 5pm. We chose a cabana by the beach with a beautiful view, and a fresh breeze. The place is called Papaya Playa, and is very nice, especially after a few days camping.

We had a good night out on Monday, venturing into town to check out the nightlife. We found a wonderful small local bar, with a ŽliveŽband consisting of a guy playing a synthesiser and a guy with some steel drums and a couple of cow bells. Occasionally they were joined by a singer with an interesting style. Instead of doing much singing he was laughing..... we thought it was particular to the first song, but no he just liked doing it that way. We had a great time dancing to the local music and they even dedicated a song to us, maybe because Andy was at least a foot taller than everyone else in there and we stood out like sore thumbs.

The weather has been very stormy the past few days and we plan to stay until it improves and we can cycle down to the national park (Sian Kaan) where we will probably have to camp sometimes. The road south continues as a dirt road from here, on a thin spit of land surrounded by the sea and a lagoon so we need the storms to die down before we set off.

Now we are sitting in the internet cafe instead of exploring the nearby Mayan ruins, hopefully we can go tomorrow. We thought we could write a couple of lines about our bikes and the equipment, in case anyone is interested!

Ours bikes were named before we left by Issy, AndyŽs neice. Andy rides Toby, and Yasmin Shaun. We do not know what inspired these names, but that is what they are called.

As you can see we have two front and two back panniers, along with a bar bag for easy acess to certain things. Andy has the tent strapped to the back as well. We can carry quite a lot of kit (and we need it especially for camping) but it does weigh quite a lot. You can really feel the difference when you ride the bike unloaded.

The bikes are Dawes Sardar and are bascially mountain bikes adapted for touring. They are pretty sturdy and quite heavy, but have lots of gears so that helps us get up hills. We have bike computers to record mileage and speeds. We have clip in shoes which are great for extra power (once you get used to them). We changed the handlebars to treking or butterfly bars which enable us to use different hand positions which is great on long rides. The saddles are also new and are much better than the original ones, even though we can still feel them a bit too well sometimes...... Martin I donŽt have numb penis syndrome yet (is that something youŽre familiar with?), but thanks for your concern. IŽll be sure to keep you updated. 

WeŽll update this entry in a couple of days, before we leave Tulum. 

 ....... 25.07.09

 After a few days the storms passed and we were able to visit the Mayan ruins at Tulum. Although the ruins were small they were interesting and had an incredible setting on some seaside cliffs. The ruins are post classic and apparently Tulum was an important sea trading port.


Total km = 158



From Lina L on Jun 18th, 2009

Storm i Mexico ser betydligt trevligare ut än storm i Borås... Vilket underbart hav!! Härligt att ni är på väg. Stor kram

From Issy on Jun 18th, 2009

To Andy, Yasmin, Toby and Shaun I hope you are having a lovely time on your holiday. I love to ride my bike too. My bike is called Lily Daisy Rainbow. Toby and Shaun are her friends. I would like to ride my bike with you when I'm bigger. love Issy. xx

From Aldus on Jun 21st, 2009

Looks like fun on Toby and Shaun! Talking of numb bits I managed my 115.2km today in 4:47 - views not nearly so spectacular though. Look out for photos on www.sportivephoto.com and www.circuitofthecotswolds.org (rider 342). Good luck with the weather!

From Andy &Yasmin on Jun 22nd, 2009

Thanks for the comments, we look forward to riding with Lily Daisy Rainbow too! Well done Aldus, puts us to shame, we´ll check the sites...