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Puerto Morelos

Written on: Tuesday June 9th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

June 7th - 10th 

Thanks everyone for all your comments, it´s great to hear from you all!

 We managed to tear ourselves away from the lovely hotel in Cancun and get on our bikes - it was quite tough, but we did it :) The first days cycling was from Cancun to Puerto Morelos. We set off in the afternoon to avoid the worst of the heat. In total we cycled 45.4 km (28.2 miles) which we think was pretty good for the first day! Even though we had to cycle on the main highway the traffic wasn´t bad at all, and the cars and buses gave us plenty of room. We had quite a few honks and thumbs up along the way. The road was flat the whole way, but just as we were 2km from our destination Andy had a puncture so we missed arriving in daylight by about 20 minutes. We were very tired and had to look around for a hotel, but we found one fairly soon, by the sea, that was quite nice. 

 Puerto Morelos is a fishing village on the Carribean coast. It is quite different to Cancun, nice and relaxed. We bought some snorkels and masks and did a bit of snorkelling which was great, and we look forward to doing a lot more. On Monday we went to ´Crococun´ which is a Crocodile and wildlife park near here. It was really fun and we had a great guide called Merak who has also done some cycle touring but on the Pacific coast of America (http://www.quetzalcleta.blogspot.com/). He gave us good tips for campsites along the way - thanks Merak!. We got to hold a crocodile and a snake, and play with some parrots and deer and some strange looking creatures. We also know which poisonous snakes to look out for. Yasmin was disappointed there were no tarantulas to hold.

 We are back on the road tomorrow after staying an extra night here. We have about 40km to get to Playa Del Carmen, so we hope the road is flat again (but not our tyres!).

Yasmin: Vill bara meddela att det forstas gar alldeles utmarkt att skriva kommentarer pa svenska ocksa, aven om jag saknar nagra "prickar" :) 


From Chris Thompson on Jun 10th, 2009

Hi Andy Heard from Geoff you had a break from the Seismic. Looks like it was a wise choice given the way things are now. Looks like you're having a better time than us!!!Enjoy!

From Tina on Jun 10th, 2009

Looks like you're in paradise! It's so nice to be able to follow your trip like this, and I'm happy that you didn't find any tarantulas that you could take picures of... Miss you, love Tina

From Lotta and Omar on Jun 11th, 2009

Hi you guys!!! We have been following your blog its seems like your having a great time from all those fantastic pics. We are having a brilliant time ourselves here in Malta. I (Lotta) miss my sweetheart, but im so happy shes fullfilling her dream. Love/ Lotta and Omar

From Martin Page on Jun 14th, 2009

Hope you have not succumbed to "numb penis syndrome" ( Andy that is)