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Cancun, Mexico

Written on: Friday June 5th, 2009

A journal entry from: Cycle Mexico - Panama

 June 3rd - 7th

 Well we arrived on Wednesday night into Cancun, tired after a long flight. The flight was actually pretty good and we both cried during the film Marley and Me (well I didn't really cry but Yasmin said she saw a tear - actually it was sweat).

We went to our hotel that we had booked on the internet, not knowing what to expect as it was in the Zona Hotelra in Cancun but we were very pleasently surprised. The hotel was beautiful and the beach is great. It is just what we need to relax for a couple of days after our very hectic schedule of the weeks building up to the trip.

 We have spent a couple of days just resting and chilling out and it has been great. Tomorrow we finish preparing our bikes and equipment before heading off down the long road south. We hope to make it to Puerto Morelos on Sunday, and Playa Del Carmen on Monday. This is about 80 km in total and we will have to see how we hold up cycling in this heat. A few more margaritas tonight should help us to get in shape.


From Jean Page on Jun 6th, 2009

Hotel looks great. Good luck on the cycling. Look forward to seeing more photos etc.

From Susanna on Jun 6th, 2009

Wow, it looks absolutely amazing! So beautiful. Looking forward to see and hear more :-)

From Juha & Susan on Jun 6th, 2009

Wow... Do you really have to use your bikes? Why not sell them and stay a couple of more days in "Paradise". Guess not? Well, then we only wish you good luck and what ever you do, take it easy. Hugs

From Giggi on Jun 6th, 2009

OMG, that looks really really nice! And the photo of Yasmin at the balcony is beautiful. Puss puss

From Aldus, Jenny, Issy and Eva on Jun 7th, 2009

setting the standards of accommodation for the entire trip??? Issy says she hopes you are having a lovely time at the seaside!

From Helen Peacock on Jun 8th, 2009

Hi Andy, Jean just emailed me this address and I have been drooling over the pics Good Luck to both of you ...cycling?? Why not stay in this paradise location So nice to be able to keep in touch with what you are all doing....Helen

From Wiley on Jun 9th, 2009

Man, it looks like you haven't seen the sun in years. you are going to fry out there if you aren't careful, we've just come from tucson, arizona and it's as hot as your mama. good luck. am very jealous about what you are doing. your calfs are going to be like bricks

From Lina L on Jul 13th, 2009

Amazing! How beautiful!