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Caracas II

Written on: Tuesday February 16th, 2010

A journal entry from: South America

February 15th - 16th

Well this is our final blog entry for this trip. In a few hours we will be on the plane back to UK. The trip has been an absolutely amazing experience and we are a bit sad that it is over. However we are happy to be heading home now, maybe get a haircut and a job.

Thanks to everybody for following us and for all your comments. It has been great to read them and to stay in touch, and really motivated us to continue with the blog.   

See you all soon!


From Libbet on Feb 16th, 2010

I have really enjoyed your blog!!! Happy landings in the UK, you have lovely prospects in front of you. Keep in touch!!! All our love, Libbet and Gastón

From Libbet on Feb 16th, 2010

PS As I write this, I can see the ferry sailing past our house on its way back ..... no wind today!!!

From uncle peter on Feb 18th, 2010

all's well that ends... hasta la proxima... see you in june... did i have the last word?...

From Susan on Sep 9th, 2012

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