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<p>I'm a born and raised BC girl who has spent the better part of the last 2 years exploring abroad! I'm currently completing the last practicum of my undergrad (a BA in Child and Youth Care from UVic) in London, where I'll be living until May. My travels began here as well, back in 2006, when I spent 6 months in the UK as an au pair. In that time I took trips to Sweden, Denmark, Germany and Italy. Then after a trip back to Ottawa, and a failed attempt to secure a UK working visa, I was forced to leave London earlier then I'd hoped. I went home for Christmas shocked and unsure of what to do next but, as luck would have it, another adventurous opportunity presented itself. This one began in January 2007, when I took a new nannying job, this time in Montreal. </p><p>I spent a bitterly cold winter in that amazing city, and then in April I moved with the family to a tiny French island in the middle of the Indian Ocean called La Reunion. It was absolutely <strong>incredible</strong> (as I'll explain when I post my journal). My 3 months there flew by, and then, at the end of my 6 month contract with the family, I returned to Montreal in July. Here I met up with my good friend Dana, who had been off having her own adventures. We decided to check out the East Coast, taking a trip from Montreal to Quebec City to New York (with a few memorable stops along the way). It was a brilliant way to wrap up a great year off school, and then we returned home to finish off the summer with friends. I moved back to Victoria in September, and got right back into the swing of school and work. It was great to be home, but I was <em>really</em> looking forward to getting back to London in January (it's a tough balance once you've got the travel bug). And so, here I am. Back in London and absolutely loving it! I've got my best friend, Melly, just down the road, and a surprising number of other friends from home living in the UK right now as well. Dana and I continued our international streak last month too, meeting up in Amsterdam for a few days of awesomeness (and meeting up with yet another buddy from home, Graeme, who graciously hosted us during our stay). Plans are currently in the works for a Mediterranean road trip in May with my good friend, and fellow CYC'er Jess. My tickets are booked: into Rome on the 8th, out of Barcelona on the 20th, now it's just a matter of sorting out the in-between bits (details, details). Anyways, that's the Cliff-Notes version of the last 2 years of my life. At some point, hopefully quite soon, I'll get journals and photos up to give you an idea of what <em>really </em>went down along the way. </p><p> In the meantime, I look very forward to keeping up on everyone else's adventures :) </p><p>�</p>