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Arriving in Newfoundland

Written on: Monday July 9th, 2007

A journal entry from: Arriving in Newfoundland

Gazing out the plane window down on a jagged mass of green, dispersed in the middle of the deep navy blue of the North Atlantic, I begin to exhale. From this altitude Newfoundland is just a small piece of earth. No roads leading to inlets or coves. No people, family from the first 'how's she goin' by'.

It's June & I can still see remnants of winter, glistening white threads meandering through crags & out onto ledges, stopping abruptly at the cliff edge. I always forget how wet it truly is here. Not only surrounded by ocean, but dotted by lakes, rivers, ponds & wetlands, until I'm spying her from 30,000 feet.

I take a cab from the airport to Portugal Cove hoping to catch the next ferry home, to Bell Island. Arriving at the Cove, I'm struck by how kind time has been, this place hasn't aged at all. It's hotter then I ever remember June being. Otherwise, the Cove is unchanged. Lobster traps lay drying in the sun, the 'Noseworthy' & the 'Night Hawk' sit tied & tethered. I miss the 12:40pm ferry to Bell Island which means I'll sit here waiting until 2pm. After the 'boys' have had their dinner. Things move at a different pace here. There is no hustle or bustle, everything in it's own time. I remember I must leave the city & it's attitude in my luggage.

I take a stroll around the cove while I wait for the ferry & admire the homes here. Houses built long the shore line, some titter on the very edge.

I hear the ferry's horn & head back to the pier. Once on the ferry I realize I'm on the Noma ( there are 2 ferries that make the daily crossing from Portugal Cove to Bell Island), I'm tempted to get off & wait for the Flanders. It's a larger ferry, with better view points. The top deck of the Flanders gives you a 360 degree view of the bay. Then as we pull out of the dock I'm glad I didn't wait. A tail! A whale's tail! And he follows us all the way across the bay, jumping up & diving down. Putting on quite a show. There are some french tourists next to me on the deck. They are so excited & talking so fast I cannot understand a word they're saying. They pull out their cameras & camcorders, one gentleman nearly knocked me over trying to get to the side before our new friend went down for another dive. I take it that its the first whale they've had the pleasure of meeting. I'm excited for them. Or maybe I'm just excited to be going home.