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What I captured when I bought D70s

Written on: Sunday January 7th, 2007

A journal entry from: Some where around Selangor

Today is the last day of exam, straight after exam, i go to McD shah alam to meet some guy. I bring along Hasanah and Rozi.. thanks babe for following me :) got 2 females bodyguard :P At McD, I meet this malay guy and testing my D70s that I bought from them. I can't remember what is their name, quite long already. Then bla...bla...bla... bout the camera, pay and chau.

After McD, as I remember, we go to Summit USJ, done some window shopping, I was so happy coz' got new camera, dont think bout anyone already :P Hasanah and Rozi release their tension by looking around, window shopping - you know, girl :P

After ate Subway, Hasanah looks tired already, then send Hasanah go back home, and I go back to Seri Kembangan (SK). Then suddenly, Anas, Stop, Dina, Kenji and ... want go to Summit again, huh.. Thanks God exam already ended.. Fuhh.. First, they came to my house at Section 27, Shah Alam I think, correct me if im wrong, playing with my cats and then we heading to Summit back. Playing some bowling, watching some rare animals, etc.

At night we went to what Bistro, forgot already. Chatting and going home, SK!

You know, that night, we heading to Bukit Merah! Hahaha... Holiday duh...