Travel Journal: El Salvador, San Salvador


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Jun 5th 2009 Preparations
Jun 5th 2009
Assignment 1: Defining my culture
Jun 8th 2009 Some goodbyes & some much needed support
Jun 9th 2009 Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
Jun 13th 2009 Im here!
Jun 15th 2009 Assignment 2: Setting the stage
Jun 17th 2009
First Round of Photos
Jun 23rd 2009
The Beach and a few others
Jul 1st 2009
Round three of my photos!
Jul 24th 2009 Blog assignment 3: How I've adjusted to my environment
Aug 10th 2009
Long overdue Updates
Aug 13th 2009
Pictures from my vacation in Guatemala!
Aug 17th 2009
Ruta de las Flores
Aug 19th 2009 Assignment #4: Tourist or Tempest?
Aug 24th 2009
El Mozote & Perquin
Aug 28th 2009
Final assignment: Take away
Aug 31st 2009
Lago Coatepeque and la feria international
Sep 1st 2009 Nejapa bolas de fuego!
Sep 3rd 2009
The National University & La Puerta del Diablo
Sep 3rd 2009
Odds n' ends

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