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Nejapa bolas de fuego!

Written on: Tuesday September 1st, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador, San Salvador

Last night I went to a town called Nejapa that is known for it's annual fire festival on August 31st. It's bascially a night where you can watch people throw fireballs at each other in the street (it was organized relatively well with firefighters and referees etc. so it wasn't as chaotic as it could have been haha). It was so scary and amazing! At times balls of fire were thrown directly into the crowd, but I did not see anyone get hurt. I narrowly missed being hit on several occasions, but I know a few people who were hit numerous times, and even one person whose pants caught on fire for a few seconds. It was insane, and I'm so glad that I decided to go! I even had the chance to hold a fireball because I asked one of the players to lend me their gloves. I have a picture documenting this but it was taken with my friend's camera so I will have to wait until it is sent to me. Here's a video that I just pulled off of youtube to give you an idea about the fiesta:


I was actually standing somewhere behind the person who was filming this. When the torito pinto goes into the crowd behind the camera person, I was actually standing on the left side on the stairs... but you can't see me because of the fireworks haha.

Te amo El Salvador!