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Lago Coatepeque and la feria international

Written on: Monday August 31st, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador, San Salvador

This weekend I got off of work a little early to take a road trip with three of my former students. We drove to Lago Coatepeque and spent the night at a hostel called, the Third World. It's a play on words that refers to the earth being the third planet away from the sun. Anyway, Lago Coatepque is a lake that was formed in the crater of a volcano. It was so beautiful! The lake itself is considered somewhat of a mystery because a number of people have gone missing while swimming or canoing in the water. I only have a handful of pictures that I took with my camera, but when my friends send me their pictures I'll post those as well.

On Sunday I was supposed to take a tour of la Palma, but it was cancelled. Instead I visited the Feria international, which is basically a convention centre. I visited a book fair and also an anime convention, which is why most of my photos are beside people who were dressed up as different characters. Enjoy!