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First Round of Photos

Written on: Wednesday June 17th, 2009

A journal entry from: El Salvador, San Salvador

Here are photos of my first week in El  Salvador.


From chris on Jun 17th, 2009

nice photos send more

From Elsa & Eric on Jun 17th, 2009

Awesome pics!!! Keep 'em coming xoxo

From Deborah Davidson on Jun 18th, 2009

Thanks for adding me to your list! The pics and journal entries are are lovely reads. What an amazing experience for you and how lucky CIS is to have you!! I'll keep reading. Best!

From Nicole on Jun 18th, 2009

Yey pictures! My favourite is that invading turtle, he just wants to be a part of the family. PS your cheap camera is working quite well

From alice on Jun 19th, 2009

My camera actually broke like 3 days after I started using it lol. The flash no longer works. I´m looking for an electronics repair shop.