Pictures from my vacation in Guatemala! Photos


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Sitting in nasty hotel #1 haha. It was only one night... can't complain for $3.

At lago Atitlan on our way to Santa Cruz.

Heather and I. I can't remember why we were laughing. lol

Los Julianos lol.

Oscar vivian and ritha.

The next day at the lake.

Vivian emerging from the water. She's secretly a seamonster.

The lake

La Iguana Perdida on the right is where we stayed for the night.

In Xela where it was freezing! Who knew it would be so cold in the uplands of Guatemala? lol

Riding in the back of a pick up truck to the hot springs.

I was brave and stood up. It was fun... and incredibly dangerous haha.

Las Fuentes Georginas.

Riding back down to Xela as it poured rain.



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