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For Davide.

The girls at the food festival in Juayua.

Rita getting her hair wrapped

Yes. lol

It started raining so hard that our bus got stuck in the river... I mean the street. :P

Beachy, Zacky and our guide while we were hiking in Cinquera.

At the highest point of our hike.

Beachy and I.

Vivian and I drinking carrot and orange juice in Suchitoto.

This restaurant had such cool art all over the place.

More art.

This was painted on walls all over Suchitoto. Violence against women is not cool!

Taking a boat ride over the man-made lake near Suchitoto. The guide told us that Kimberly Clark has a factory which dumps chemicals directly into the lake and that local people have been getting sick as a result.

This is the bottom of the indigo dyed dress that I bought in Suchi! I'll try to post something about the history of the indigo dye trade in El Salvador soon.

Here's James adding Monsenior Romero to the mural.



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