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Kimberley, BC, Canada

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Jackie Goyns

Username: jacgoyns

Hey friends!!  After way too many years of school I finally have the opportunity to travel!  I'm starting in Kenya, I hope you enjoy the upcoming pictures and journal entries.

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Username: aladouceur

Am a big fan of Europe. Can't wait to get a chance to get back there. Nothing quite like waking up every morning to a brand new city.

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Username: danbirchall

Most of my travel involves attending international conferences, symposiums, and negotiations on environment and development issues.

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Debbie Watkins, Carpe Diem Travel

Username: carpediemtravel

In 2000 I was a London City Exective - and then I went on a holiday that changed my life. I visited some friends who were backpacking around SEA, and by coincidence the first place I stopped was Cambodia. The country capitivated me - in particular the warmth and sincerity of the local people, still recovering from the genocidal Khmer Rouge.I decided to take a year out, and returned to Ca

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