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Kimberley, BC, Canada

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Sadie Feist

Username: sadie

Wow, Footstops looks so cool!  What a great cause.  I'll be be travelling all over in the next little bit, mostly to South and Central America.  I hope everyone enjoys checking out my journey!  I will pass Footstops along to everyone I meet!  I love your charitable cause! I'm a professional photographer from LA.  I used to do mostly portraits but i'm moving

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Kenny D

Username: kdiddle

Just doing my education thing now, it's distracting from travelling, but fair enough since travelling did it to education first.......but then again travelling is way cooler...

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Username: megan

Through all of my travelling, I have a real itch for Europe and have managed spend 10 months in total their over three years. Currently I am touring around South East Asia.  Hitting all the hot spots, getting some culture.September 15th, its back to the place I love, Europe.  I have my two year UK visa in hand and a ticket from Bangkok to London.  We will see what happens inbe

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Tom and Rebecca

Username: tomandrebs

Rebecca and Tom are two Roman monks setting out to convert Paris to Latin, one Francophone at a time... When not busy with that, we do well to just enjoy the city, and take time off from school.  We are living the dream, and escaping the drear.  As far as we are concerned, this is a trip as much about getting away as it is about going somewhere else.  Also we picked a pretty good som

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