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Sombrio - the trip to Odious Rock

Written on: Saturday April 7th, 2007

I woke up in the middle of the night to POUNDING rain, but as you already know, the tent held up and we were dry inside. Unfortunately, I wasn't so dry inside...that sounded weird. I mean I had to go to the bathroom - so I had to get up earlier than I wanted to and make my way outside to go. Just down the beach, a couple that wasn't so dry was fighting about folding their tent, and clearly in no mood to see my pee.

SO, I walked up to the outhouse and went. Now you know about what I did before Avril and Bryan got up. On the way back from the outhouse I gathered wood and for a morning fire under the cover of a tree.

I brushed my teeth and spat into the ocean and started to feel a bit more like a human. As I previously mentioned, we didn't bring lots of water so I was pretty dry...despite the rain.

Oatmeal for breakfast - Bryan went round 2 with veggie TFDs. Boring.

After stringing up the bear/otter line again, we grabbed our cameras and started hiking along the Juan de Fuca trail. It was a little muddy, fairly technical and REALLY beautiful. We hiked along the rocky coastline, scrambled up the grassy trail and then got into the mud. The hike seemed to take a long time because we were stopping every 3.5 seconds to take another picture.

On the way to Odious Rock (which Bryan had really been talking up) there were bridges, steps, platforms, and a huge waterfall. With the rugged terrain it's almost hard to believe we were so close to campers and civilization. It really didn't seem like anything that could be so close to home.

The rock was massive and the ocean was throwing some big waves at us. Odious Rock had a few inhabitants: 3 birds, assorted tiny sea-life and one stoner in a Coleman tent. I think only the birds were happy to see us - but they still said just as much as the surly hippie.

Check out the photos - it'll give you a much better idea of what this place is all about.

After seeing the rock we went back the way we came and ate lunch at camp. Bryan - TFD (I think it was then that he really became tired of those things) Avril and I - cold cans of Stag Chili. While the lunch was quick and tasted alright, I really got the business from it. Bummer.

Following lunch we had a mandatory nap period that lasted 3 hours. Upon waking the rain had started again and we saw a weasely otter come out of the water, so we packed up, peaced out and went to Avril's sister Lauren's house in Victoria at about 10pm.

On the way back we saw a black bear on the road. Near Snuke..I mean Sooke,we were trapped behind a horribly slow driver, but still made it out alive.

With a full stomach of BP, we slept on the floor at Lauren's house and it was awesome.