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The real deal - Starting the trip

Written on: Friday April 6th, 2007

The day started, later than expected, at about 7 o'clock in the morning. I KNOW that I set my alarm clock the night before, but have NO memory of it going off at 5:00. I do, however, have the memory of waking up at 6:45 and realizing that I'd slept through it...Avril was also still sleeping - Bryan was still waiting at his house. He would do so for a few hours.  

We bought him some coffee.

Slightly later than expected, we rolled up and onto the 9am ferry without any trouble. On the ferry, we did ferry things - played cards, made fun of families, the usual. (I lost the game of 31 we were playing and had to eat mustard....yuck! I honestly almost barfed - pictures to come later)

After a quick ferry ride, some driving on Vancouver Island and some dirt roads, we were at the parking lot at for Sombrio. We cruised in behind a caravan of vehicles - it turned out the place was no longer as secluded as Bryan remembered it to be.

The hike into the campground was easier than I'd imagined, which was good because we brought in a crapload of food/drink (not enough water, however). The people ahead of us were carrying in a 30-pack of Lucky Lager. Nice.

After setting up our brand new (matching) tents, we gathered some wood and then sat around in the sunshine. For real - early in April, we were chilling in the sun - in shorts.

Our campsite was down-beach from a scout troupe - one of them got a merit badge for stealing my flashlight, but other than that, they were good neighbors.

On our fire (started almost instantly by fire paste - awesome stuff) we cooked gourmet TFDs. Tin foil dinners are my fave - as you can see in the pictures, we weren't really roughing it. Dinner was completed by pre-meal fireball, during-meal Obikwa shiraz and post-meal Southern Comfort...and a sip or two of vodka.

Next time - bring more water. If not for the hike, for the morning after.

Also - the MEC Tarn2 tent is rad. It poured that night and the only thing that got wet was half of my backpack...which laid out uncovered.