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And off it goes

Written on: Wednesday August 30th, 2006

A journal entry from: Growing A Beard

Avril got back today. It's been a long and filthy ride with this beard. I've certainly gained a new level of respect for dudes with gigantic beards.

Santa, the guys from ZZ Top, Abraham Lincoln...I salute you all.

During this whole ordeal, I found that the beard consumed ALL of my small talk. It was such a prominent facial feature that to anyone I met during the summer, I was "that guy with the beard".

To people that I knew already, it was such an "in your face" difference of appearance that it was all we could talk about. I got pretty tired of it, but at the same time, really grew to love it.

Avril could barely believe it when she got off the plane. So much so that her expression was more of surprise than joy...which quickly turned to a smile. I guess I did look fairly different.

Shaving it was tougher than i thought. It was a dense mass of hair - right on my face. It took about a half an hour...which is a lot longer than the regular shave...but WAY less time that if I'd been shaving all summer.

Also, Avril liked it so much, she tried a moustache of her own - check the photos. 

As a side bonus, I did get a dope moustache out of the deal.


and some razor burn.


and some really funny facial tan-lines...I didn't think that part of it through.