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Happy Birthday to Me

Written on: Wednesday August 9th, 2006

A journal entry from: Growing A Beard

On August 9th, 1984, I was brought into this world. For the 22nd anniversary of that, I got together with my friends and got a little silly.

Sidenote: on your birthday, Denny's will give you a free meal (if someone else buys one. that's a great deal.

This is the grossest time my beard and I had. After waking up with a hangover from a night of boozing and eating pancakes with whipped cream, I thought my room smelled bad. NOPE. It was my beard...needless to say I felt pretty rotten about myself and the beard. He almost came off early, but I held on.

Included in this photo album are some pics of me and robbie from an earlier date and some of me eating the pancakes that made my face smell awful - i'll try and track down the rest of the photos from that night...I know they're out there somewhere.