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A Job Interview

Written on: Tuesday July 18th, 2006

A journal entry from: Growing A Beard

Wearing a suit, along with my new friend, really feels like dressing up. Not in the fancy sense, like the costumes sense. I was starting to feel a little ridiculous - but I had to dress up for a job interview. Beard or no Beard I needed a job. Perhaps my strikingly man-like appearance would be the extra edge I needed.

I recently read an old Greek saying that states:

"there are two kinds of people who walk around without beards: women and children"

I guess they were seeking a woman or a child for that job...I wish that was in the Craigslist posting before I took the Skytrain all the way to Burnaby.

As a bonus (?) when you're wearing a beard AND a suit, plenty of old people talk to you on the bus.  Nice.