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Getting the hang of it.

Written on: Wednesday June 21st, 2006

A journal entry from: Growing A Beard

When it first started to grow in, it seemed inredibly itchy - this was probably because I knew that I'd be going about 2.5 more months before I could shave it. Not a problem! I was going to persevere. I had decided (I really don't remember why...) that it was going to happen, SO it was simply going to have to happen.

Shaving takes approximately 3-7 minutes. I've needed to shave on a daily basis since about grade 12. Obviously this didn't happen everyday, but the point is that it could have. Think of all that wasted time!

In the three days since I stopped shaving I probably save about 15 minutes. Unfortunately I've probably spent double that amount of time looking into the mirror and wondering what my awesome beard is going to look like.