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cambodia - siem reap

Written on: Monday February 11th, 2008

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2008

going against the recommendations of Lonely Planet - and WITH the "recommendations"of our bus driver, we decided to lodge at the first place our bus stopped - the Green Park Hotel...at least for the night.

in what was a LONG and uncomfortable bus ride, i managed to fall asleep numerous times - only to be woken up by hitting my head on the seat in front of me. it was like trying to sleep on an amusement park ride. avril was amazed, whil i was so fussy.

along with our $6/night room came a driver (who we had to pay sometimes), a bathroom, a tv and two beds. the hotel was in a very Khmer-y section of town that was pretty much free of westerners and side walks. a tuk tuk made obvious sense for transportaion (tuk tuk: normally hooked onto the back of a scooter, it's a little carriage for sitting in - they're everywhere out here).

our driver/city guide was excellent. he took us to ALL of our site-seeing, eating and partying destinations. as a bonus, he made sure all of our meals were nut-free (it's seriously crazy how much mental time i spend worrying/checking about nuts).

so far, the best meal we've had: a $3 all you can eat cambodian seafood bbq even puts tomokazu to shame as the best deal in the world. i know, right. you also get to cook everything yourself!

here's how it works: you get a small bed of coals laid on your table *(in a metal bowl). on top of that, they lay a cooking area with about 3.5cm deep of water in it. above the water is a grilling space that is topped with pieces of fatty pork for cooking oil.

then you take your clams, shrimp, meat balls, etc, and cook them in the water - for fish, chicken, beef, squid, etc, you grill them up above. for veggies, you can cook them or just rip them apart for dipping enjoyment. seriously. so good. and with $3 pitches of beer, it was perfect.

it was an amazing deal and a great time with our guide. he also drove the slowest tuk tuk in town, so we had plenty of time to see the sites.

sites of siem reap:

-markets everywhere (baguettes, fruit, clams, street meat, trinkets, gas in liquor bottles)

-bar street (take a guess) -- also art, music, so many tuk tuk drivers, hostels -- backpacking zone for this region.

if you've been to siem reap, it's most likely to go and see angkor wat (and we were no different). for more on angkor wat, check out the next entry.

pics to come soon.


From Bryan on Feb 23rd, 2008

Get some pics up yah scruffy bitch