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cambodia - poipet border and the bumpy road

Written on: Sunday February 10th, 2008

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2008


EDIT: check out my cambodian pics here at flickr 

first off: i love it here. my travels in southeast asia have been short, but cambodia is definitely a country to appreciate. it's complex and brutal recent history, friendly people, and stunning remnants of ancient religious sites never fail to leave me stunned.

we arrived by bus from bangkok to siem reap by way of the border crossing in poipet.

entering poipet into the kingdom of cambodia gates, we were immediately confronted with persistant, but polite, beggars and salesmen.

from 6 year olds carrying infants, teens hawking baguettes, and elderly survivors of the khmer rouge line the streets for foreign dollars.

one noticably absent element, peanuts and their sneaky oil. i'm going to be able to eat! (and not just from 7-11 - or 7-20 as they call it here).

side note: runs are perfect for rummy, but are anything but for 8 hour long bus rides across cambodian roads that resemble the face of the moon.

driving through the cambodian countryside contrasts with my limited glimpse of thailand. cars drive on the right hand side of the road, there is less structure and no concerns for garbage removal. highways turn into the camp road leading up the blue lake and the people are unceasingly polite.

my jet lag is pretty much taken care of, so maybe now i'll sleep past 7 and stop getting so sleepy by 6pm.

it feels great to be on a new leg in our journey -- any i'm finally feeling like a human again.