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touchdown in bangkok. me vs. peanuts

Written on: Thursday February 7th, 2008

A journal entry from: South East Asia 2008

there were so always so many months leading up to this trip. it was pushed back numerous times - and always for good reasons...but now that i'm here, i only wish i'd left sooner. it's not that i wanted to get AWAY from anything...it's just SO good to be away.

after almost sleeping in on the morning of departure (following a few weeks of not sleeping enough because of excitement) i took two JAL flights (10hrs +2hr layover + 8hrs) and ended up in bangkok. into my lady's tanned arms. meeting up again was great.

 "fresh" off the plane i was pretty dirty. my plain white T felt like it was part of my body. i'd been wearing it for the better part of 3 days -- i'd packed up all my gear and the rest was in storage. barf! oh well -- avril had a hostel room for us.

even though it was 10pm by the time i got out of the airport, it was still wicked humid and i was really feeling like a sweaty westerner (thanks in part to an already steamy flight from japan...steamy in the B.O. way).

after a 450Baht taxi ride to our hostel, we walked around. bangkok is MENTAL! i'll get to the sights in a bit...first off, this country is lousy with peanuts (to borrow a phrase from my old man). it's busy, packed with sites, and backpacking fun, but the food situation is seriously too stressful for me.

every itch, short breath or strange feeling is INSTANTLY attributed to my life-long enemy. and here i was in his backyard. it used to be just an annoyance, but now i need to consider it ALL the time.

khoa san is everything i'd heard about and more. tuk-tuks flying by, peanut-oil-soaked food stalls, cheap EVERYTHING (seriously, everything) and people filling the streets.

after seeing wat pho, the golden palace and the BIGGEST reclining buddha you can imagine, i left thailand with the obligatory traveler shoulder bag and my life. off to cambodia to check out the food situation.

(pictures coming soon).