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Canon Beach

Written on: Sunday August 28th, 2005

A journal entry from: San Francisco Road Trip

Canon Beach is an awesome place.  It's on the Oregon Coast.  When driving south, go past Seaside.  Don't be fooled by its pleasant name...it's sort of a shit hole.  Go onwards to CB.  As a traveler, you can really be any age there -- the beaches are super nice and there's all sorts of artisan crap for the 50+ crowd.  Hello!

We went near the end of summer, so we had a lot of space on the beaches.  I skimboarded with some kid...I was way better.  Take that kid.

Also, eat the clam chowder.  Also also, stay at the camp ground across the highway from the beach. It's owned by a nice family.  Don't worry about their son - the one that played with a rifle the whole time we were there - he seems really nice.   It rained for the majority of the time we were at Canon Beach (and sleeping in a tent), so we hit it up again on our way home.  It's worth the trip.


From Bryan Rite on Jan 25th, 2007

What kind of non-fat kid wears a t-shirt while skim boarding anyways?