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Last Updated: Feb 22nd, 2007

My Travel Community Contribution: You graduate, you work, you move out. That seems to be the process that everyone I know has gone through. I didn't want to be that guy though, I wanted to do something different, something crazy. So when I started working all I did was save - save to go on a big long trip. A couple years later it actually happened. 4 Friends and I made the choice to sacrifice a social life for a year so we could save enough to go away for 4 months in the summer of 05. Europe seemed the natural choice for us - none of us had been and all couldn't wait to go. It was an awesome time but it felt like we spent just as much time trying to trade photos as we did on the actual trip. Where was this travel community 2 years go. At least its here now and not only can I show everyone images of my experiences, but they can follow them step by step, reading what we went through instead of spending an hour explaining everything to each person you run into that brings up the topic.
It's not easy finding a travel blog site like this on the web.
At least not finding one as personal and friendly as this one. Seemed like all the other ones I looked at didn't really care about people so much as they cared about getting enough visitors to make money. Not that making money is a problem, just that coming off impersonal to someone who cares so much about their adventures seems a little callous.

Anyway, enough about that.

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