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Travel Blog Part 18 - Ios

Written on: Wednesday February 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

I noticed someone else here had a post about Ios and pretty sure they had just as much fun as we did in this little party town. I mean, think spring break in the middle of the Med. We'd heard stories how this was a place to sit on the beach during the day and really let loose at night, but had no idea how true this really was. And the locals, especiall this one older fellow who rented a room to us, were some of the kindest we met on our trip. They locals make a conscious effort to welcome you and make you feel as part of the culture. All you have to do is say 'hi' once in a while and it's like you're part of the family.

More about Ios - we started our evening with a walk up a set of outdoor staircases from our hotel to the beginning of the club experience, first greeted by the all-day all-night gyro stand operated by our good friend Tony. He's seriously there til 4am feeding grease to anybody and everybody willing. He's over near "the dubliner" for anyone who's been or is going. So you start out there, eat your gyro, walk up the winding hill dropping into any one of the 100 small clubs pounding music that stagger the narrow walkways to the crest of the hill, and make your way down a different way, stumbling into a whole different set of clubs on your way down. This was the indulgent leg of our trip and would say anyone looking for carefree and neverending parties should check this place out.

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