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Travel Blog Part 16 - Athens

Written on: Wednesday February 21st, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

We made the decision to do whatever we could to bank some time to just kick back and relax for about 2 weeks in Greece, and flying from Rome to Athens helped facilitate that decision. It was either train all the way around, which would have taken at least 3 days, or boat from Bari or Brindisi overnight and spend another day on the train getting to Athens from the port in Greece, or fly direct. We flew 2 or 3 hours and got a pretty good price on airfare, though we waited til the last possible minute. I'd recommend the same route to others.

So we get into Athens late at night and wow...I forgot that the Greeks use an entirely different alphabet. We had our hostel booked but good luck trying to find the street on a local map. We had no choice but to hire a cab. So he drove us 20 minutes to our hostel for 20 euro between 3 of us only to find out the next day that we were literally a 2 minute walk from the station and had been taken by this cabbie. Kind of a funny moment when we realized that. All of a sudden the weird letters on the street signs gave way to a funny feeling of "hey, haven't I been here before...". But anyway, we only spent one full day in Athens as we wanted to get over to the islands, so we had to make the most of it. When I think of Athens I think hot and crowded, but not on this day. The skies opened up and we experienced a downpour like none other. This was just nuts. We'd just finished checking out the acropolis and suddenly everything became wet. It wasn't normal Vancouver rain, this was fierce. It was pretty cool, actually, running around the old Agora trying to find shelter in what probably was a 2000 year old temple, but at that moment all it was to us was a roof. After an hour of no letting up, we made the mad dash for food and just found this cozy little restaurant that ended up serving me the tastiest dish I think I have every had. If only I had remembered the name of this place.

That nite we tuned in to the only english speaking TV station available at the TV in our hostel room. Turns out it was a made for TV movie about some dude who murdered his wife. Really cheesy, but I think they played the Terminator after that, so that was OK.

All in all, not your typical stay in Athens. Memorable none the less.

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