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Travel Blog Part 14 - Tuscany

Written on: Tuesday February 20th, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

No matter how tough it was to get to, we made a pact to make sure we saw the real Tuscany, and not try to tell people that we saw the real Tuscany as part of Florence or Siena. That was not gonna gut it for us. And let me you, it most definitely was not easy to get to - at least not where we were headed - San Gimignano.

This place, San Gimignano, is a small hilltop town comprised of a fortified wall enclosing what appears to look like tall buildings from afar, but in reality they're just bell towers and grain storage facilities. Of course we find out we're staying about 5km from the centre of the city and find literally had to walk with our backpacks in a direction that we just guessed was right. Funny, i think we were. What wasn't great though was our walk up about 100 steps to our actual cabin each time we wanted to leave or come back. What an experience. It was funny to see the owner of the hostel whip up the hill on his Vespa while we're muling it up these stairs. But hey...at least the place was air conditioned...and had a full on kitchen. We made some pretty fine meals there consisting solely of chicken breasts and vinegar marinade. Still burns the nostrils just thinking about it. It was all part of the experience though and the time we spent in Tuscany was some of the most memorable on the entire trip. I encourage anyone to make the effort and see real small-town Tuscany.

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