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Travel Blog Part 12 - Venice

Written on: Monday February 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

Who wants to stay in a campsite in Italy in June? We do. Ya I know, it gets a little toasty come 7am...

So maybe its because I didnt bring a better half along with me, but Venice just didnt really do it for me. It was super crowded and ended up getting lost about a half dozen times, but thats to be expected. I guess it just had such a touristy feeling to it that I kinda felt drowned, no pun intended, out from the whole culture of the city. Of course there's nowhere else on earth that can really compare to something like Venice, but I just didn't get that "it" feeling that I thought the place would leave me with. Hey, that's just me though. I did enjoy it though, and I think its definitely a place everyone should see. So don't take it from me. Maybe it was just the fact that I was staying in a canvas tent that put me off....but hey, at least there was a toga party (what?) at night. I know, strange.

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