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Travel Blog Part 11 - Cinque Terre

Written on: Monday February 19th, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

Apparently this heritage site comprising of 5 tiny fishing villages north of the Amalfi coast between Genoa and La Spezia used to be virtually unknown. Clearly that isn't the case anymore. The sometimes paved, most of the time rough trail leading up and down the cliffs of the Cinque Terre connecting all the villages to eachother has had enough publicity over the last few years to garner hoards of tourists looking to mix in some activity in contrast with the stereotypical laid back Italian atmosphere.

We of course, thinking we were young and full of energy would have no problem. Ha. Try climbing about a hundred or so flights of stairs when all is said and done in the hot and humid summer and we didnt feel so young and energetic anymore. What a great experience it was though. The sites were amazing and the landscape was unique. And the snorkeling amongst thousands of jellyfish was also pretty interesting - and so was getting caught in a villager's fishing line.

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