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Travel Blog Part 20 - Prague

Written on: Thursday February 22nd, 2007

A journal entry from: EURO5

So we go from 35 degree heat in Crete to about a 15 degree rainy morning in Prague, over the span of about 3 hours. We'd been so acclimatized to warm weather that I think we were actually shaking for the first day or so whenever we'd step outside. In a way the cooler weather was a relief though.

We'd hear stories of the best beer in the world at the lowest price anywhere - which seemed like a paradox - until we experienced it. Typically I think that when people think of beer, they think of Germany, when in reality the Czech Republic apparently consumes the most beer per capita than any other country in the world, and its no wonder why considering the quality of the product. What you'd spend $5 for at a pub here, you'd spend about 75 cents at a pub over there, for something 10 times the quality. All this is due to that wonderful thing we call the exchange rate, but since the Czechs recently joined the EU and there are talks of adopting the euro, I wouldn't expect these prices to stick around for much longer.

Asides from that, Prague is an amazingly beautiful city. Miraculously, the city escaped any major damage as a result of WWII, and has kept its medieval roots visible through the old town architecture. What an amazing city to just walk around and experience - I can't imagine not visiting this city. I guess its the fact that there may be some lingering stigma around Eastern European travel, but I'd be happy to say that I felt safer here than in most of the other cities we visited...Prague just seemed to have this down-home feel to it. They love their soccer in the Republic, and they love their hockey. What I didn't know until I got there was that they love their gambling as well. Good luck not finding a casino within a stone's throw of anywhere you seem to be in the city.

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From Jen on Feb 25th, 2007

I have to agree - Prague is absolutely amazing. Definitely one of the best cities I have been to. Did you go clubbing there at all? There is a 5 storey night club near the Charles Bridge that's alright. Also - speaking of cheap beer - Budapest!!!!!