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From: Brockley, Great Britain

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Hello and thank you for reading my page! Let me tell you straight off; I'm a major thrill seeker. Yes-sir-ee. I put the 'E' into adventure. Normally its an 'eeeeeeeeeeeeee'  as I go whizzing down some ski slope on a hand weaved bazooko sledge that I picked up from a Rastafarian in Thailand or an 'eeeeeeeeee' as I squeak to Dolphins when I'm hitching a ride on their dorsal fins. When not swimming with Dolphins or doing something really crazy or adventurous in South America;   I *love* juggling, putting beads in my hair (I often have dreads).   I love nothing more than chilling out with my friends in Goa or Thailand and drinking cocktails on the beach...with some chilled out beats. People say I look a bit like Steve Jones from Channel 4 here in the UK who presents all the youth programmes.   He's great - but I bet he doesn't get to travel as much as me. I really cannot stop travelling and to be honest am wasting time right now writing this!SO - I'll leave you all to get back to your drab lives whilst I live life to the MAX ! Peace out adexx