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Sep 4th 2008 Faffing about before leaving
Sep 5th 2008
Alright - time to get my arse off to London
Sep 6th 2008
On the flight, somewhere between Bangkok and London
Sep 7th 2008
First day in London
Sep 8th 2008
Landed in London
Sep 8th 2008
The Glorious Globe!
Sep 9th 2008
Catching up with Kathy and Cam over real ale
Sep 10th 2008
Life at the Beeb
Sep 14th 2008
The marvellous Willesden Green Guesthouse
Sep 15th 2008 Ireland and the Guinness question
Sep 17th 2008
Guinness Storehouse and Howth
Sep 17th 2008
Zadar, Croatia and where the hell am I sleeping tonight?
Sep 20th 2008
Split and Hvar Island
Sep 21st 2008
Into Bosnia
Sep 22nd 2008
Sep 24th 2008
Mostar again
Sep 24th 2008
Sep 26th 2008
Montenegro - Kotor Fjord
Sep 28th 2008 Bar is a hole. Enough said.
Sep 29th 2008 Belgrade
Oct 1st 2008 A Hungarian detour
Oct 4th 2008 Zagreb
Oct 5th 2008 Ljubljana
Oct 7th 2008 London again! (transit)
Oct 8th 2008 Tokyo
Oct 9th 2008 Nagoya
Oct 11th 2008 The Japanese Checklist
Oct 11th 2008
Oct 12th 2008 Tokyo again
Oct 12th 2008 Back to melbourne...

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