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The Japanese Checklist

Written on: Saturday October 11th, 2008

A journal entry from: Off travelln', back later..

Upon arrival I had a list of foods to get reacquainted with. This is how it fared..

Sushi - check - gorged myself at kaitenzushi (sushi train) earlier today
Sashimi (sushi without the rice) - hmm..missed that one
takoyaki (fried octopus pieces in batter) - yep, from my old local takoyaki stand in gifu
okonomiyaki (savory pancake)- yep, first meal in tokyo
nabe (hotpot) - nup
yakitori (chicken skewers) - first meal in Nagoya with Charlotte 
yakiniku restaurant (all you can eat meat feast) - nup
gyuniku (beef)- yep - beef bowl at Yoshinoya in Yanagase (gifu)
butaniku (pork)- in just about every meal!
Ramen (noodle soup)- yep, "The Best Ramen IN THE WORLD" with Eric, Satoko, baby Josh and Charlotte
onigiri (riceball)- yep, meal on the run at Nagoya station
bento (packed lunch)- nup
kaitenzushi (sushi train) - yep - see above
edamame (salted beans) - literally bowls of it at Karaoke with Ali
yakisoba - yep - after the okonomiyaki!
soba (noodles) - a bowl of soba soup outside Yasukuni shrine
karage (fried chicken)- YES YES and YES - Aiyumi s awesome karage at Makis place
miso soup - with brekkie at the ryokan in tokyo

my stomach leaves Japan happy.



P.S. and yes, I had natto. Its still as awful as I remember.