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Written on: Monday September 22nd, 2008

A journal entry from: Off travelln', back later..

Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina, was another eye-opener. Although I have dim memories of the Balkan war in the mid 90's (all those blue beret chaps running around in white UN tanks), I had no idea how protracted and brutal it was. The Serb/Yugoslav army besieged the city for 3 years and targeted civilians. The death toll was severe. All around town there signs of the conflict - pavements where shells had exploded were filled in with red paint in memory of those who were killed. All around town the all too familiar bullet holes were visible. Visited a museum out in the suburbs that displays an evacuation tunnel that the residents used to escape to the unoccupied part of Bosnia.

I was most interested the see the large muslim population in the town - I had not thought much about the Ottoman influence here over the centuries, so seeing the Mosques was really interesting.

Met up with my friend Bob (from the US - met him in Poland back in 2004) and we travelled together for a few days down to the coast.