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Into Bosnia

Written on: Sunday September 21st, 2008

A journal entry from: Off travelln', back later..

Caught the bus from Split to Mostar... or at least attempted to - a platform change (announced in Croatian) meant I missed the intended bus and spent a few more delightful hours sitting on a beach in Split. Arrived in Mostar at dusk and found a place to stay pretty easily - I've been staying in homestay accommodation and its been working out great. Mostar old town was pretty magic, especially at night with the old bridge lit up. Lots of cobbled streets on both sides of the river.

A little confronting to see the signs of the Balkan conflict - many buildings with visible bullet holes and war damage. I'm really trying to get my head around what actually happened here, but I don't quite think its possible. In Mostar the Bosnian Croats and Muslim ('Bosniaks') populations allied against the Serbs to defend the city. Once successful, the Croats turned on the Bosniaks and got bogged down in a bitter conflict for several years, eventually intentionally destroying the old bridge of Mostar ('Stari Most').

The old town has been extensively rebuilt and looks stunning. I suspected that I would return to Mostar with my friend Bob (who I was meeting in Sarajevo, as he had been delayed a few days), so I pushed on north to the capital on the very early morning train - a stunning journey of deep river valleys.

(I've now updated this entry with photos)