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Split and Hvar Island

Written on: Saturday September 20th, 2008

A journal entry from: Off travelln', back later..

4 windy hours on a bus later I was in Split. This place is ridiculous - the old town is the Roman emperor Diocletian's retirement place - its a massive MASSIVE open air museum. Went out to Hvar island today as well and got some Adriatic sun.

Ah... sunburn... how delightful it feels!


From Pam Stanford on Sep 22nd, 2008

Great photos - fantastic weather. Enjoy!

From Rach and Ben on Sep 24th, 2008

:o) Another postcard from you today = bliss! Thanks so much! They're getting here pretty quickly!! Bad news about the Oscar Wilde play :o( You think they'd have an understudy! Looks like you having a wonderful wonderful time... keep it up! x