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The Glorious Globe!

Written on: Monday September 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: Off travelln', back later..

First day in London - straight to the globe, jetlag be damned!

(Saw the Merry Wives of Windsor and it was sublime!)

This blog software is awesome - I've been able to tag the latitude and longitude of where I was STANDING watching the show at the globe (go to maximum zoom on the map)


From Pam Stanford on Sep 9th, 2008

Loved your blog, Adam! That's more news of you in 3 days than I thought I'd get for your whole trip.Have fun, Love Mum

From Rach and Ben on Sep 10th, 2008

LOL - you're so wonderful! Read your e-mail and thought - what do you mean> AT the Globe? We weren't there - and then I saw your photo - how gorgeous *grin* Big hugs - miss you!

From Ben and Rach on Sep 13th, 2008

Hi ya, just our daily drop by to see what you're up to. You must be up to lots of fun, haven't read anything new in a while :o) Lots of love, RnB