GIFU!!!! Photos


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Me, Megumi and Charlotte

Very blurry photo of some of the old teachers at the school I taught at in Japan.

Charlotte at the subway station... yeah - random I know.

The MES building

Ayumi and Mika - teachers I worked with at MES all those years ago - still there!

The office - its barely changed! I used to sit next to the whiteboard at the back.

The MES office

The front door to MES

Random photo of Gifu

1000ml of beer... in a can. Ah..Japan - how I miss you!

My old street in Gifu

The Nagara river - I used to swim just here on hot days after work

The ryokan (guesthouse) that my aunt Julie and uncle David stayed at when they visted me in Japan

Totoro saying hi!

Me and nagara-gawa with ukai-o-hashi in the background



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