Split and Hvar Island Photos

The west gate to Diocletian's palace

A pretty normal boring old street in old town...

Hey look - I discovered the panorama function on my phone! A small section of Diocletian's Palace.

A wedding on the steps of cathedral (previously a temple to Jupiter I think)

The boat out to Hvar Island (zoom out the map from Split and you'll see its the 2nd island to the south)

Hvar island, just outside the town of Stari Grad

Damn... I almost held out till midday...

My private swimming spot on the Adriatic. Awesome.

Yours truly after a dip

The town of Hvar - a typical street

Hvar town

Hvar town, a short way up the hill towards the fortress.

Me... at the fortress..after a very steep climb up the hill... only to find the gate locked (who would have thought - a fortress being hard to get into?)

After some backtracking, I found my way into the fortress. Now... lets shoot some pirates!

Hvar and nearby islands, from the fortress.

Sunset on the way back to Split