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Travel Journal: Fishes and Bicycles


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Jul 1st 2008
Preparation begins
Jul 6th 2008
On our way
Jul 8th 2008
RV parks or bust...
Jul 10th 2008
Jul 11th 2008 the last leg of the valley
Jul 13th 2008
we're out of duct tape...
Jul 19th 2008
Cheating Never Pays
Jul 21st 2008
Hello Beaverdell, Goodbye Weeble-Wobble
Jul 23rd 2008
Rain Falling on Greenwood
Jul 24th 2008
Greenwood to Grand Forks
Jul 25th 2008
Grand Forks to Christina Lake
Jul 27th 2008 Road Trip #2 - Christina Lake to Glade
Jul 30th 2008
Road Trip #2 cont'd - Glade to Cranbrook
Jul 31st 2008
Cranbrook to Wapiti Lake
Aug 1st 2008
Wapiti Lake to Fernie
Aug 4th 2008
Fernie to Krivinsky Farm Rec Site
Aug 5th 2008
Krivinsky Farm Rec Site to Tobermory Creek Rec Site
Aug 6th 2008
Yee-haw, we did it!
Aug 7th 2008 Cowtown, we have arrived...

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